Japanska Bakverk

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The first book about Japanese pastries ( Swedish ) In 2018 she received an invitation from leading publishing company, Natur & Kultur, to produce her first book on Japanese pastries. Japanska bakverk was published in the fall of 2019. The book consists of three different categories of Japanese pastries: wagashi, yogashi and kashi-pan. Some of these are native to Japan, while others originated from western countries and then were modified to suit Japanese tastes and aesthetics. Recipes in the book are presented from the perspective of Japanese cuisine and accompanied with notes on the history of the craft.

Cafe at Östasiatiskamuseet

Bon Aibon pastries are available daily at Östasiatiskamuseet since summer 2019.

Tidningen Företagaren

Operating in the Swedish entrepreneurial network, Ai has introduced a new level of refinement to Japanese confections in Sweden. For her success in pop-up cafes and events, she will appear on the cover of Tidningen Företagaren magazine in December 2019.

Her Confidence Her Way

December 2019 Ai was a guest on the Californian podcast which promotes Japanese working women in society. In the podcast Ai shared her experiences as both a successful entrepreneur and a mother of two, which was enabled in part by the socially progressive Swedish government. (Japanese)


The periodic event with LYCKA Japan & Sweden since November 2019 which focuses exclusively on traditional wagashi and its connection with Japanese tea.


Magazine and web media August 2019

The Sankei

Japanese daily newspaper in Japan December 2019.